Project activities

TRAIN 2008-2010

Past activities:
  • kick-off seminar in Finland
  • international seminar and work shop in Tartu, Estonia; Klaipeda, Lithuania and Helsinki, FInland.
  • gathering and processing materials for translation and adaptation of the curriculum and handbook
  • designing the layout of the website

The TRAIN project partners informed their cooperation partners about the project, very much interest toward the project was shown in Estonia and Lithuania. An e-learning environment (Moodle) was used between the project partners.

The adaptation of the TRAIN apprenticeship training program was on time and Tartu Health Care College offered
more support and consultation to Klaipeda College to achieve the expected result even better in Lithuania

The TRAIN project partners had fruitful discussions during the project meetings and in between.

TRAIN was represented in the Baltic EXPRO 2009 project fair held in Lithuania.